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doTERRA Consultant Training

consultant training
Become a doterra Independent Product Consultant and receive 25% discount on all dōTERRA products.  With a minimum startup order of $35 you can become a consultant today and begin saving and making money.  We explain the great business opportunity and how to make money with all the amazing bonuses offered by dōTERRA listed below:
  • 25% discount on all retail prices
  • Free product purchase credits using Loyalty Rewards Program
  • Receive generous bonuses when sponsoring new consultants, including the Fast Start Bonus, Power of 3 Bonus, and Unilevel Bonus.
  • Join the team and take advantage of our site by receiving referrals from expert marketing.  We also feature a Consultant Training Program and Find A Local Consultant page to help you get more referrals.

#1 Welcome To doTERRA

Introductory Kit with CD

  • Team Page
  • Sponsor contact info – schedule a call
  • Why dōTERRA? How dōTERRA Can Change Your Life
  • dōTERRA, Testimonial, Success Videos

#2 Why Use doTERRA Essential Oils

  • Premium essential oils enrollment kit 150x150Product Guides – Know the how, why, what, and when
  • Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG)
  • Videos, webinars, and podcasts on the oils
  • Get your own results and testimonial

#3 How To Make Money With doTERRA

  • money pigBuy wholesale, sell retail
  • Bonuses for enrolling other consultants
  • Leadership pools and prize incentives
  • Earnings Potential


Step #4 doTERRA Business Opportunity

  •  Commit – take advantage of this opportunity
  • Set goals with your upline
  • Plan your next 3 months

Step #5 Loyalty Rewards Program

  • Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP) benefits
  • Product of the month
  • Product points
  • Set up your LRP

Step #6 Share Oil Samples

  • Purchase sample materials
  • Make a list
  • Share 30 samples in 30 days

Step #7 Hold An Essential Oils Event

  • Attend or watch Intro to Essential Oils
  • Personal invite guests with reminders
  • Share your oils and explain business opportunity

Step #8 Weekly Schedule

  • Upline and downline calls
  • Share sample oils
  • 1-on-1 or class

Step #9 Monthly Schedule

  • Duplicate with your consultants
  • Consultant training with sponsor, events
  • Product training with videos, webinars

Step #10 doTERRA Lifestyle

  • Using oils everyday
  • Sharing dōTERRA with the worlds
  • Convention